Company Overview

Interone Company Overview

Corporate name Interone
location 46-18, Godeok-ro 139beon-gil, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Contact TEL.031-872-6668 | FAX.031-872-6608
Major product LED sign module and LED applied product

Interone overview

  1. 2024 ~ 2023

    2023.01  Chosen as a recipient for gorvernment support project ( Expansion project for smart factory with convergence ICT )

    2023.08  Selected as the innovative technology from government funded business support programme for small and medium-sized enterprises

    2023.09  Registered Patents for LED In-Line unmanned automation system of PCB alignment device (N. 10-2571765)

    2023.12  TOP RECEIVES OF $7,000,000 IN EXPORT

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  2. 2022 ~ 2021

    2022.04   IP Star Company Selection

    2022.09   Projector KC Certified

    2022.10   High Efficiency Certification of Translucers

    2022.12   TOP RECEIVES OF $5,000,000 IN EXPORT

    2021.04   Designation of global small and medium-sized enterprises (No. 2021-62)

    2021.12   LED module bar patent registration for indoor lighting (No. 10-2337894)

    2021.12   Patent registration of LED module automation assembly device (No. 10-2346195)

  3. 2020 ~ 2019

    2020.05   Registered patent for RGB full color LED module with diffusion lens applied

    2020.04   Selected as an excellent company in technology evaluation

    2020.03   Registered 20 trademarks for LED outdoor advertising lights

    2020.03   Registered 20 trademarks such as LED head lantern (signal lantern)

    2020.03   Certificate of Origin by Item

    2019.12   Selected as a promising export small and medium enterprise

    2019.06   Acquired BIS (India) certification

    2019.05   Acquired CB (International Electrical Safety) certification

    2019.03   Acquired KC certification for LED module for outdoor sign

    2019.01   Acquired SMPS CE certification

  4. 2018 ~ 2016

    2018.11   Selected as Gyeonggi-do Women’s Employment Excellent Company

    2018.10   Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business in Gyeonggi-do

    2018.03   Completely waterproof module case patent registration

    2017.05   Gyeonggi-do Global Small Giant Enterprise Certification

    2017.04   LED fluorescent lamp for outdoor sign KC certification

    2017.04   Certificate for Small but Strong Company (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

    2016.12   Good Employer certificate (Gyeonggi-do Governor)

    2016.12   3 Million Dollar Export Award (President’s Award)

    2016.08   CE certificate for LED module for sign

  5. 2015 ~ 2014

    2015.03   OEM Exporter certificate obtained (Korea,EU FTA)

    2015.05   SASO acquired

    2015.05   OEM Exporter certificate obtained (Korea,India CEPA)

    2015.06   CE certificate acquired

    2015.10   Flood lighting fixture KC certification (Korea Testing & Research Institute)

    2015.10   Promising Small and Medium Exporter (Small and Medium Business Office)

    2015.12   1 Million Dollar Export Award (President’s Award)

    2014.01   Screw sorter patent (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2014.05   Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ)

    2014.05   Venture Company Certificate (Technology Guarantee Fund)

  6. 2013 ~ 2012

    2013.04   LED lighting/ LED rack design registration (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2013.06   Screw sorter design registration (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2013.07   Moved head office and factory in expansion (Deokgye-dong Yangju-si)

    2013.09   Mail order sales report (Mayor of Yangju)

    2013.10   Promising Small and Medium Business in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi-do Governor)

    2012.04   Electronic Trading Frontier Company certificate (Gyeonggi-do Governor)

    2012.08   LED landscape lighting patent acquired (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2012.10   Patent on LED module case and LED module manufacturing method (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

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  7. 2011 ~ 2010

    2011.02   LED module KS certificate obtained

    2011.03   R&D certificate (Korea Industry Technology Promotion Association)

    2011.04   Slim-type LED module patent (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2011.05   LED module case design registration (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2011.06   Interone trademark registration (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2011.10   LED module UL certificate obtained

    2011.05   LED module case design registration (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2011.11   Slim-type LED module design registration (Korea Intellectual Property Office)

    2011.12   Capital increase

    2010.01   Snow Fall certificate acquired

    2010.02   Slim certificate acquired

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  8. 2009~ 2006

    2009.09   Before the expansion of Samsung-dong, Yangju-si

    2009.08   CE (Europe) Certification

    2008.03   Z-403 DMX Module Development Completed

    2008.0  5 Controller for DMX Development Completed

    2008.07   Slim LED Module Design Registration (Patent Office)

    2007.03   Interone, Inc. established

    2007.05   Z 2- S IGN certificate acquired

    2007.05   Panorama controller certificate acquired

    2007.08   Z 3-SIGN certificate acquired

    2007.09   Z 6-SIGN certificate acquired

    2006.05   Z 4-SIGN ce tificate acquired

    2006.06   R .G.B  Z 9-SIGN certificate acquired

    2006.07   Controller  certificate acquired

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  9. 2005 ~ 2003

    2005.02   certificate acquired

    2005.02   Dong Seoul University Industry-Academy partnership company

    2005.08   Interone Trading founded

    2005.09   R .G.B  Z 6-SIGN,  Z 12-SIGN certificate acquired

    2005.10   Z -SIGN certificate acquired

    2005.12   Z -BAR certificate acquired

    2005.12   Tube numbering label tool utility model obtained

    2005.12   Takapuna Pension house begins

    2004.01   DLP_WASH, DLP_VELVET


    2004.01   DGP certificate acquired

    2004.02   COMET certificate acquired

    2004.03   O2certificate acquired

    2004.04   2 CORONA certificate acquisition begins

    2004.10   LOGO LIGHT certificate acquired

    2004.12   SOUND BEAM certificate acquired

    2003.01   ONE TOUCH LED BULB certificate acquired

    2003.02   LED TUBE certificate acquired

    2003.02   QUICK MODULE certificate acquisition begins

    2003.04   Optical Fiber-based LIGHTING SYSTEM certificate acquisition begins

    2003.07   QUICK MODULE 2nd test product certificate acquired

    2003.09   QUICK MODULE 1st test product certificate acquired

    2003.10   LED TUBE name change - DANCING LIGHT POLE (color pole)

    2003.10   MILD DRIVER certificate acquired

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Organization chart

Organization Chart