CEO Greetings

Professional Manufacturer In LED Applied Products

Interone Co., Ltd. developed in 2004 the first LED module in Korea, opening a new door to the domestic lighting market.

Our company is the first one in Korea to acquire LED circuit parts and patents, and is recognized overseas not only for its technical excellence but also for its quality. Currently, Interone is striving to research and develop products that use and apply LEDs in order to open a new era in the direct and indirect lighting markets.

All products are manufactured directly through our production line using Samsung, LG and original domestic chips, and are already receiving great response from the market with a fully automated system with a minimal defect rate.
Our top priority is to create valuable projects in collaboration with our partners along with our excellent products. To this end, we will continue to advance and lead the industry by becoming the market standard with our innovative products.

In August 2015, Interone USA was established in California to provide better service to customers in North America and achieve global expansion. Through this, we will try to remain leader in the domestic and global lighting markets.

Thank you.